City Mattress  opened its doors as a family owned business in 1945.  The values that were so much a part of life then, have endured. Each custom built mattress is still built  by hand...with quality workmanship and materials...dedicated to customer satisfaction and comfort.


City Mattress is a Christian, family owned and operated business that is dedicated to providing quality products at fair and affordable prices. You can count on City Mattress to deal with our customers honestly and with an emphasis on Service. City Mattress is owned and operated by James and Sharon Dye. If you are looking for a mattress, please contact us and let us serve you. We know you will be pleased with both our service, and our products.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why is a City Mattress better than other mattresses?

    Quite simply, it is the construction. Our mattresses are hand-crafted, not put together by an assembly line machine. We use the absolute best materials, and insure that each mattress is made to provide years of strength, support, and comfort.


Are your mattresses more expensive because they are hand-crafted?

    No. In fact, if you will compare our prices with other major brands, you will often find our price to be less. A superior quality City Mattress gives you better value than most highly advertised brand name mattresses.


Do your mattresses sag over time with use?

    Absolutely not! With proper care, you can expect many, many years of comfort with a City Mattress, and never have it sag in the middle, or "valley-out".


Do you need to flip a mattress?

    Yes, but even if you do not, a City Mattress will outlast most other mattresses. This is due to the high quality construction of our mattresses. You have heard the saying, "They just don't build them like the used to." At City Mattress, we still do! We build them the same way we did in 1945.


Is a spring mattress better than a foam mattress?

    A quality spring mattress, such that we build, will last much longer than the newer foam mattresses. Also, you will get far better support from a traditional spring mattress. However, we also sell foam mattresses. Just call us and we will help you compare the two.